Baroque Toll Booth
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SITE #1: THE BORGO  before...and after (black model)
Borgo redone site plans ppt to jpeg.jpg
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Citta borgo towers 4 - photoshopped - Copy.JPG
sections thru auditoria and site3  ppt to jpeg.jpg
sections thru auditoria and site2  ppt to jpeg.jpg
SITE #2: THE ROMAN FORUM  before...and after (black model)
 The Forum has evolved a great deal over time.  
 The design intends to put the living city back in the ruins of the Forum.  
 Continuing its evolution- in response to the living needs of a vital city- by the introduction of "bands of housing" that connect opposite neighborhoods.  
 These red-brick "resi-ducts" inject urban life into his historic core,
 ...and the sites of the ancient basilicas are now contemporary shopping- restoring their ancient functions.  
 Ancient, medieval and contemporary architectures jostle.
 And the grandest interior- the ruins of the Basilica of Constantine- shelter a new visitor center.   
SITE #3: PANTHEON TO NAVONA and the creation of a NON-THEON
 The NON-THEON is a new government building in  Il Centro-  the historic center of Rome.  While the Pantheon (next door) was originally dedicated to "all-the-gods", the Non-theon is a secular form- "none-of-the-god".   And in a country where so much "democratic" government is closed-off and private- the Nontheon is highly transparent for all to see (and hear).   A long people corridor connects the two circular forms to the Piazza Navona- the PUBLIC  heart of Rome.   Italian citizens can now easily access their deliberative assembly of elected officials, occupying the upper galleries of the Non-theon. 
nontheon 2 perspects and sects  ppt to jpeg.jpg
final final black background palazzo typology jppt to jpeg.jpg
 Several iterations: from 1) Renaissance thru 2) Mannerist thru 3)LeCorbusian thu 4) Frank Gehry-ian thru 5) demolition thru 6) hi-technology, sustainable replacement.....
 ...ending in 7) a complete replacement with a trailer home for an urban nomad.  The palazzo-memory is preserved only in a billboard.   
black background intro Salons  ppt to jpeg.jpg
4 evolving salon elevs  ppt to jpeg.jpg
citaroma triumphal arch background  ppt to jpeg.jpg
 An acknowledgement of the increasingly global acceptance of same-sex relationships and marriage.  The apertures carved into the monument have sexual allusions.  
 (Not-yet-quite) triumphal attesting to the complexities of peace in the Middle East.  Two halves of the same cultural image- half Israeli and half Palestinian.  The central aperture outlines the map of Israel.   Note the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  
 Arch alluding to capital punishment using a local example, albeit one known globally.   Mumia Abul Jabar sat on death row for decades, convicted of murdering a policeman in a highly contested trial.   The arch, festooned with stone dreadlocks, contains two highly visible chambers; one is the cell of the prisoner, and opposite is the electric chair.   One walks between them.  Mumia's conviction has recently been changed to life-in-prison.  
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